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Kusala Bhikshu / Carl Kohlhoff -- Web Master -- UrbanDharma.org & Kusala.org

Kusala created Urban Dharma in 2001 for anyone interested in Buddhism. His goal was to offer original articles and essays on Buddhism and archive related articles by a variety of authors.

About Urban Dharma

"As time went on, the domain name 'Kusala.org' seemed a bit to personal for the kind of web site it was becoming... That's when I came up with the name 'Urban Dharma'... Some really good articles are found on small personal web sites and when they go dark, the articles are lost forever... Urban Dharma over the years has become sort of a Buddhist archive... I work on Urban Dharma everyday-- adding, changing, formatting, fine tuning... It's become part of my practice." --- Peace... Kusala Bhikshu

Kusala Bhikshu
International Buddhist Meditation Center
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