A Message from Ken Wilber...

Hello Friends,

Integral Institute, from its inception, has gone through several phases. The first, which was exploratory, involved bringing together some 400 of the world's leading integral thinkers for a series of landmark meetings and dialogues. These were fluidly organized around thirteen general branches of I-I such as integral psychology, integral business, integral politics, integral ecology, integral art, integral law, integral education, integral medicine, and integral spirituality.

These meetings were very important in allowing us, as it were, to take the world's integral pulse. In fact, we often had the branches rate the success of various integral attempts in their own fields. The sad conclusion: the existing approaches to integral studies never received a grade higher than a "D"—and this from the most respected authorities in the fields themselves.

Given this dismal consensus, we began to switch our focus from conferences, meetings, and dialogues (which merely shared the present dismal methods), and more in the direction of trying to find ways to create and produce genuinely integral approaches in the various areas of human activity.

We realized that the field of integral studies would continue to make little progress unless we could create a series of carefully crafted works outlining a persuasive integral approach to these various fields, not as the final word or the last word on the topic but as the opening word, or the beginning of a series of dialogues that would have traction in moving the field forward.

By far the most effective means that we found were the creation of numerous core teams in the various branches. These teams were composed of anywhere from 5 to 12 highly qualified members of I-I, who were charged with creating practices and services that would best advance an integral approach in their particular fields such as integral business, integral ecology, integral psychotherapy, integral law, integral education, integral medicine, integral spirituality, integral leadership, and so on.

Having set several of these core teams in motion, I-I went into a relatively low-profile period. We expected that it would be several years before these teams began producing "integral products and services"—such as books, articles, multimedia presentations, field-tested consulting services, and so on.

However, what is so exciting is that several of these teams—which have been working for over 18 months—are now at a point where they can begin to share their pioneering results with others who are interested in bringing a truly integral approach to their particular fields.

The result is the beginning of the first public phase of Integral Institute. We have put up the initial website to begin to make these services available to those who would like to participate.

Numerous core team members will be joining other members, friends, and associates of Integral Institute to offer a series of public programs and services meant to make the Integral approach available to those who are interested.

For example, Integral Institute will be presenting a variety of:

* integral seminars
* integral training programs at various levels
* integral consulting services
* certificates of learning
* fund-raising events
* integral conferences
* co-sponsored presentations with the world's leading authorities in integral approaches

At this time—that is, right now—Integral Institute is offering Integral Consulting Services, various forms of Integral Training, and a variety of Volunteer/Funding possibilities. On the main Menu, please see Integral Consulting Services, Integral Training, and How You Can Help for details on these leading-edge programs.

Care to join us?

Ken Wilber

President, Integral Institute