The Funeral and Cremation of

Ven. Dr. Havanpola Ratanasara

June 3rd, and 5th, 2000

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The family and Ven. Ratanasara's personal monks at the funeral on June 3, 2000.


The open casket at the funeral.


The Funeral and the open casket.


The funeral and the open casket.


Over 300 people attended the funeral and viewing.


The Cremation Ceremony... Monks and family members attended on June 5, 2000.


The lighting of the candles at the cremation ceremony.


Paying respect to the Ven. Ratanasara.


A personal reflection and chanting by one of his students and former nun.


The offering of robes.


The offering of robes.


Just moment's away from cremation... Chanting and reflection.


Chanting and reflection on the impermanence of mind and body.


The coffin with the Ven. Dr. H. Ratanasara going towards the flame of rebirth.