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- 12th Western Buddhist Monastic Conference - April 2007 - City of the Dharma Realm - Sacramento, California -

2008 Buddhist Calendar / Free Download

Macintosh Monk
Julie Strack

Reflections on Mara
Rev. Jnana

Sampling Monastic Life
Virginia de Leon

Kwan Yin and the Swallows
Dharmadasa Karuna

Neuroscience and Spirituality
Peter G. Grossenbacher, Ph.D.

Meditation Alters Brain Structure
Sharon Begley

A Buddhist Perspective on Fasting
Rev. Heng Sure

Music in the Dharma/Dharma in the Music
Rev. Heng Sure, Betsy Rose & Alan Senauke

Three Steps, One Bow for Peace

Two American Buddhist monks on a journey of a lifetime, from downtown Los Angeles to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talamage, California. A journey of more than 800 miles that took two years and nine months to complete. They bowed in peace, and for peace. Touching their foreheads to the ground, opening their hearts with one wish for the world. Peace. For everyone, everyday, everywhere. (Photo Album)

Three Steps, One Bow - Journals -- Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au -- Part 2  |  Part 3

A web page devoted to death, dying and good health
in Buddhism... Articles, ebooks and audio.

Death, Dying and Suffering in Buddhism

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