Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster

"Promoting Respect and Understanding for the Intergity of Each Other's Beliefs, Cultures and Traditions."

Welcome to the Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster. Our common goal is the improvement of our communities, we seek to promote respect and understanding among our diverse faith communities through interfaith education, programs and activities. The Interfaith Council and the Garden Grove Police Department have been partners for many years.


On behalf of the Garden Grove City Council and the residents of our community, I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest support of the Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster. I would also like to take this moment to recognize some of their many wonderful contributions to the Garden Grove community and surrounding cities.

Garden Grove is a community rich in cultural heritage, faith and diversity. With this, comes the desire to share and celebrate individual customs, traditions, and beliefs with others. The Interfaith Council has gone far to bridge the gaps necessary to bring people together through their message of unity, respect, and acceptance of others.

The manner in which the council provides a forum for open discussion works to enhance tolerance between our many cultures. By promoting acceptance and charity toward one another, they create an atmosphere that enables Garden Grove to be the safe and friendly city that it is today.

The Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster is an inspiration to many, and we are truly appreciative of their many valuable contributions to our community.

Wishing you all the best,
William J. Dalton
Mayor, City of Garden Grove

What we are about...

The Interfaith council builds relationships across faith communities in the pursuit of justice and to build the common good. We act to strengthen family and community in solidarity with others across lines of race, class and religion. In religiously diverse towns and cities, interfaith structures are an increasingly important force for social cohesion and inclusion because of the way they link and promote good relations between the faith communities.

Local authorities are beginning to recognize this and to explore potential partnerships and some interfaith groups are moving toward a more representative formal role. It is clear that there is an increasing need for the development of interfaith structures at a local level which can engage the local authorities and other public bodies in their area, while maintaining interfaith activity directed at increasing mutual understanding and respect between individual members of different fatihs.

The Interfaith Council of Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster gather the third Thursday of each month at the Garden Grove Community Center 11300 Stanford Ave., Garden Grove, CA - from 12:00 to 1:30 pm.


Board Members

President: Fr. Brendan Manson
Vice President: Reverend Douglas Johnstone
Secretary: Barbara George
Recording Secretary: Mark Erickson
Treasurer: Monica Nguyen
Website: Ven. Kusala Bhikshu



Please join us on the
"Third Thursday" of Each Month

for our interfaith gathering from
12:00 to 1:30 pm

Garden Grove Community Center
11300 Stanford Ave., Garden Grove, CA

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"Invitation to Join the Interfaith Council"


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Interfaith Banquet 2012
Guest Speaker Peter Vidmar, 1984 Gold Medal Winner

Interfaith Banquet 2012 /
Photo Slide Show / Click Here



- Classic Members (1990's) of the Garden Grove, Stanton and Westminster Interfaith Council -- Photo 5/14/2011 -

Back Row L to R / Kusala Bhikshu - Mike Holland - Wilfredo Benitez - Ed Pottegen - Tom Thorkelson - Doug Johnstone - Danny Bundakji - Ann Nguyen
Front Row L to R / Bonnie Miller - Naziha Warah - Sue Smith - Martha LaFond

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